Member benefits

Download the membership application form for the 2022/23 season (October 19 to September 20) (Word) (PDF)

Members can benefit in a number of ways. Joining the association and taking part in events is a great way to network with local beekeepers, make friends and to tap into the wealth of knowledge within our community.

Winter meetings

Members are welcome to attend our winter meetings which take place usually on the first Monday of the month from October to April. They are held at the Darby & Joan Hall, Finkle Street, Cottingham from 7.30 until 9.30. There is usually a talk from a visiting speaker followed by questions.

Summer meetings

Summer meetings are held on an ad-hoc basis at members’ homes/apiaries. Some aspect of beekeeping is usually highlighted.

Apiary open-days

Open days are held at our training apiary to describe a beekeeping technique and show it being carried out. These are always popular so book ahead and remember to bring your protective clothing!


Held in late April at Woodmansey Village Hall, our auction is open to everyone. Colonies of bees and a host of second hand equipment are sold off. There is also a chance to buy brand-new equipment.

Honey Show

Held in the Driffield show, a chance to see what your honey should look like. A whole range of classes including novice classes so bring along your produce and have a go!

Colony of bees from our apiary

Each spring we sell our surplus stocks to members. These are sold “on-the-frame” so you will need a hive to put the frames of bees in. A good way to get started.

Swarms collected for you

Beverley Beekeepers collect swarms during May & June as a service to the community. If there are an excess to the collectors needs they are offered to other members. Let the collectors know and go with them to collect your own swarm – it’s good fun and once you have got the hang of it you will be able to collect your own and build up your apiary with free colonies.

Free loan of beekeeping books and DVDs

We have an extensive library with books covering every aspect of beekeeping. Have a look at the list on this website and let the librarian know which one you want. Loans are free. You can pick books up and return them at our winter meetings. Not sure what you want? Come to the meeting and have a browse or ask the librarian for advice.

Free loan of extracting equipment

We have two honey extractors for free loan when you have managed to have some honey ready to extract and enjoy. All we ask is you return it promptly in a clean state so the next member can borrow it.

Free loan of honey warming cabinet and refractometer

Similarly a warming cabinet and refractometer can be borrowed free of charge. The warming cabinet has many uses in both extraction and preparing honey for bottling. The refractometer is an important piece of equipment for measuring the water content of honey, too much and it will ferment!

Beekeeping education and assessments

BBKA organise a series of assessments from a basic test of beekeeping skills right through to becoming a Master Beekeeper. We can help advise you and organise a mock basic so you know what it is all about.

YBKA also offer a range of events aimed at supporting members in developing their skills and knowledge. See the Education section on the YBKA Website.

Yorkshire Beekeepers and British Beekeepers Association membership

Joining Beverley Beekeepers automatically joins you to these great Associations which give us a greater local and national voice, as well as access to even more great resources. Amongst other things full members will receive a monthly electronic newsletter from YBKA and BBKA News incorporating The British Bee Journal from the BBKA.

Beekeeping Insurance

In addition to the above Full Members will benefit from Public Liability Insurance and Product Liability Insurance, currently to the value of £10 million. Bee Disease Insurance is provided too and all claims can be covered at a special rate agreed by the BBKA. For current information see the BBKA website.

Download the membership application form for the 2019/20 season (October 19 to September 20) (Word) (PDF)