Asian Hornet Team

The Asian Hornet threatens to become a very serious pest of honey bees and other pollinators in Britain — as it eats them!

The British Beekeepers’ Association (BBKA) asked constituent associations to set up Asian Hornet Action Teams (AHT) and there are now over 200 of them in England. The members of the Beverley Beekeepers’ AHT are Chris Coulson, Allan Carswell and Simon Maslin and they are trying to make every one in our area aware of the potential Asian Hornet problem before it over takes us. Under the BBKA we at Beverley have 4 aims:

  • to increase the numbers of people working on each case of incursion by assisting the Bee Inspectors
  • to ‘get ahead of the game’ while waiting for formal identification of an incursion by Non-native Species Secretariat and National Bee Unit
  • to give local beekeepers and public some reassurance and confidence that the hornets are being dealt with sooner rather than later
  • to educate Beverley BKA members and the public in the identification and risk of Vespa velutina, as our colleagues in Jersey are doing successfully.

To contact an AHT member outside of East Yorkshire visit the Asian Hornet Team map on the British Beekeepers Association Website and scroll down the page. The map gives you the contacts for all the AHTs in England. The Beverley BKA team can be contacted on 07760 496955.

Please join us in this fight against this invader by helping to look for it. See our identification sheet.