Swarm hanging from a tree branch
Swarm at rest

What is a swarm?

A swarm is a natural occurrence and signifies an attempt by a honey bee colony of bees to multiply. Every year the number of bees in a colony will rise and fall. The only way the bees can form new colonies, and thus reproduce as a species, is through the swarming process.

Swarms are not the aggressive killer bee clouds that you may be familiar with from films. Swarms are often discovered ‘at rest’. During this stage the bees cluster together whilst scout bees decide on the swarms future nest site. These bees are usually quite calm having consumed a belly full of honey ready for their new home. It is still a good idea not to disturb them unnecessarily.

In time the scouts will agree upon the final destination and the cluster will take off together and head to their new home. So if left alone a swarm cluster will leave of its own accord. However, do be mind that the final destination may be a loft or other space within a building, yours or someone else’s. It is much easier to collect a swarm from a tree branch than from behind bricks!

Swarm collection

Beverley Beekeepers will, when they can, come to your location and remove a swarm of Honey bees. There are a number of conditions under which we cannot provide this service.

If you suspect a swarm you can use items on this menu to help you identify if you have seen a swarm of honey bees. You will aslo find the method of contacting the association swarm phone.

Please be aware that this is a voluntary public service and we have no legal requirement or funding provided to carry out this service.