With membership of the Beverley Beekeepers Association and with that the BBKA you have beekeeping insurance provided. (rates correct February 2020)

Public liability insurance provides:

  • public liability, covering injury to others or their property (£10M)
  • products liability, hive products (£10M)
  • professional indemnity, e.g. advice given (£2M)

Bee disease insurance is also provided, the cost depends on the number of colonies registered. Payments relate to the cost of replacing equipment where this is destroyed after advice from the local Bee Inspector, maximum £3000.

As a separate policy you may like to investigate an ‘All Risks’ policy which will insure you equipment against theft whether in your apiary or in storage. Buildings can also be covered. This insurance is separate to your BBKA cover and will attract a separate premium, but it seems very affordable (e.g. £7500 cover for £16 per year). Please see