The children had an amazing time meeting Glen the Beekeeper yesterday from @BkaBev . They learnt lots of interesting facts and are inspired to help our local bees! 🐝 #savethebees #eyfs #earlyyearsideas #planetprotectors

Bee inspections 2022. A few sunny March days isn't enough. If colonies have survived so far, it's best to wait till April, or when it's consistently warm enough for short-sleeves.
I'm desperate to get in there but bees could chill & die by any impatience! 🐝🥶 #beekeeping

It's that time of year again 🐝🍯
The National Honey Monitoring Scheme will analyse the composition of your bee's honey and give you an idea of which plants they've been foraging on. Contact them for a free sample pack
@BkaBev #beekeeping #beekeeper #bees

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