Contact the swarm line

The swarm line runs throughout the summer period, the ‘swarming period’.

We DO NOT deal with Bumble Bees, Wasps, Hornets or Flies. Every year we get a large number of calls for sightings that are not honey bees. This wastes everyone’s time as we can only deal with honey bees. If the swarm phone is unnecessarily occupied (it is run by, sometimes frazzled, volunteers), making it busy for other callers, you will not have your problem dealt with and the beekeeper who may attend will have made a wasted journey. Please do take the time to make a confident decision of whether you do actually have a honey bee swarm.

Please use the British Beekeepers Association page to be sure that you do have a honey bee swarm before calling the Swarm Phone. It is even better if you can get a photo to send to the phone holder.

Swarm phone number: 07760 496955.

If you do find a honey bee swarm please do not disturb it.