BBKA Basic Assessment 2020

The British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) has an entire framework of assessments and exams, and the Basic is the first step on that road. Even if exams are not for you, the Basic Assessment is an important milestone – the driving test for beekeepers.

The assessment can only be taken if you have kept your own bees for a minimum of 12 months, and in that time (though you may not feel it) you have learned an enormous amount. The Basic syllabus covers the knowledge you should have accumulated in that time, and if you feel your knowledge is lacking, please join the Study Group and fill in those gaps – you may be surprised at how much you do actually know!

The full syllabus shows all aspects covered within the basic assessment, but do understand that the assessment can only cover a selection.

Consult the information provided by Yorkshire Beekeepers Association.

The link above provides details of the assessment, how it works and how to apply. Do note that the £20 fee will be refunded to successful candidates again this year. We would recommend applying early so that the assessments can be organised and a training event held in good time.

To assist candidates in preparing a study group will be formed to support members preparing for the assessment. In addition a practice day will be held at the association Apiary in Beverley, where the actual assessment will take place. During the session all aspects of the syllabus will be discussed and candidates will have a chance to ask questions and clarify understanding.

The association library holds a couple of copies of ‘Beekeeping Study Notes: For BBKA Basic, SBKA Basic Beemaster, FIBKA Preliminary Examinations’ by Yates and Yates. This book provides a good guide to the knowledge required. As the YBKA and BBKA state you will already know much of the material having kept bees for a year.

There will be no charge for joining the study group or attending the session.

For more information please contact: