Bee sales

To help those wishing to buy and sell colonies during this difficult period Beverley Beekeepers Association is offering an advertising service free of charge, no commission.

To advertise your bees complete a BEES FOR SALE form for each colony, including a photo. Include any equipment sold with the colony. When completed send to from there we will post it online.

Buyers can explore colonies for sale and should contact sellers directly. Sellers let us know when you have sold your colony and we will remove your advert from the site.

All arrangements entered into are strictly between vendor and buyer. Beverley BKA do not accept any liability for the accuracy of the information provided.   

Bees listing

Date posted DescriptionLocationPriceDesc.Available
20/5/202020 NucFerribyNegotiableFormNow
24/7/2020 Full ColoniesNegotiableFormNow


Date posted DescriptionLocationPriceDesc.Sold
24 March2019 NucElloughton£180Form6 April
24 March2019 NucElloughton£180Form2 April
24 March2019 NucElloughton£180Form24 March
4 April2019 Nucsx10Driffield£16521 April