Practical Beekeeping Courses, Spring & Summer 2018

Practical Beekeeping Courses – Taster, Six-week course, Mentoring 

We are running a taster session on Saturday May 12th at 10.30 at our Beverley apiary. This is intended to give absolute beginners an opportunity to explore the inside of a beehive. It will last about 2 hours. Experienced beekeepers will be on hand to answer all your questions so that you can decide if beekeeping is something you want to take further. You will then be able to book our beginners course. The cost is £10 and includes protective clothing.
Our practical beekeeping course will start on Thursday 31st May at 6.30 pm at our Beverley apiary and continues each Thursday until July 5th. Each session will last about 2 hours, protective equipment and course notes are provided. The cost is £50 and includes friends membership of Beverley BKA until September 2018 (existing members fee – £45).
We also run mentoring for those of you who are available on Thursday mornings throughout the beekeeping year. This starts in April and continues every week until October. We meet at the apiary at 10.00 and look after the hives for a couple of hours. This is an excellent way to learn beekeeping. Cost is the same as the six-week course.
Please let me know if you are interested in any of the above as soon as possible as demand is usually high. You may book mentoring, six-week course with taster, six-week course without taster, or just taster.
Any questions please call me on 01482-633523.
Best wishes,
Stewart Beckett – Course Organiser.