Programme of Events 2019-20

Practical Beekeeping Courses in 2020 – Taster, Six-week course, Mentoring 

Would you like to learn how to keep bees in your garden or on your allotment? Beverley Beekeepers hold courses to teach you do just this.

Our six-week course will start on Thursday May 28th at 18.30 and continue each Thursday until July 2nd. It will be held at our Beverley apiary and cost £60 to non-members. This is a practical beekeeping course and will cover the basics of beekeeping. Full protective clothing will be provided as well as course notes. Each session will last about two hours.

Not sure beekeeping is for you? For anyone who thinks they may be interested in beekeeping but would like the opportunity to see inside a beehive just to make sure, we are planning a Taster Session on Saturday May 2nd, starting at 10.30 at our Beverley apiary. There will be plenty of opportunities to ask our trainers on all aspects of beekeeping. The session should last between one and two hours. Cost is £10. Protective clothing will be provided. If, after this, you are keen to pursue beekeeping you can then book the six-week course.

If you would like to book a place on the six-week course, the taster session or both, please contact Stewart Beckett at



Winter Meetings

Oct 7th The Apple Orchard, Yvette Grindley

From Hive to Honey Pot, Wendy Maslin

Nov 4th AGM followed by Question Time

Dec 2nd Solar Wax Extraction, Chris Smailes

No Meeting in January 2020

Feb 3rd The Perfect Swarm, TBC

Mar 2nd Honey Bee Health, Nick Mitchell

Apr 6th The Asian Hornet and AHAT, Chris Coulson

Meetings at The Darby & Joan Hall, Finkle Street, Cottingham, HU16 4AZ beginning at 7.30pm