Think you have a Honey Bee Swarm?

Use the following information to help you decide what it is you see and what to do about it.
Beekeepers only collect safely accessible Honey Bee Swarms.
We DO NOT deal with Bumble Bees, Wasps, Hornets or Flies.

Beekeepers are not employed by anyone to remove or deal with Honey Bee swarms.  A Beekeeper may ask for some payment to cover resources used in the collection of a swarm.  You will be informed of any possible expenses prior to a visit by a Beekeeper.
Honey Bee Swarm Identification

Bumble Bee Bumble Bee Bumble Bee Bumble Bee Bumble Bee

Are they round and hairy?  Do they have a Yellow, White or Orange band at the tail/rump?  Do they make a loud buzzing sound when flying?  Do they bumble around when flying? Are they living in any kind of small box, under decking or a shed, in a compost heap or a hole in the ground?

Bumble Bees

Solitary Bee Solitary Bee Solitary Bee Solitary Bee Solitary Bee

Are they round and hairy?  Are they smaller than Bumble Bees? Do they make a quiet buzzing when flying?  Do they have a black or orange/brown rump? Are they living in a small cavity, tube, under decking or a shed or a hole in the ground?

Solitary Bees

Wasp Wasp Wasp Wasp Wasp

Are they Black with Bright Yellow stripes or Bright Yellow with Black stripes?  Do they have Yellow legs?  Do they appear smooth or with little hair?  Are they appearing from a roof space, airbrick, large hole in the ground or a round nest nest hanging in a tree or shrub?  Do they make a high pitch buzz?  Are they interested in sugary foods?


Hornet Hornet Hornet Hornet Hornet

Are they BIG with a loud buzz?  Are the Black & Yellow at the back & Black with Orange/Brown at the front?
Do they a long curved tail?  Are they living in a roof space, shed or tree cavity?


Hover Fly Hover Fly Hover Fly Hover Fly Hover Fly

Do they Hover in a single position?  Do they make a very low humming sound?  Do they sometimes appear in large numbers?  Black with Yellow or White or Orange stripes?  Don’t appear to live anywhere in particular?

Hover Flies

Honey Bee Honey Bee Honey Bee Honey Bee Honey Bee

Do they have light brown, golden brown or dark brown bands? Does there appear to be many thousands hanging in a clump? Is this clump hanging from a tree, shrub, roof, fencing or post? Are there many hundreds flying around or to/from the clump?

Honey Bee

If you have found a Honey Bee Swarm call the Swarm hot line on 07760 496 955

Whatever you do please do not disturb a swarm.