The Apiary

What is an Apiary?

A place where Beekeepers keep the Hives in their care. An Apiary may consist of one or hundreds of Bee Hives and though usually a permanent location is sometimes temporary.

Beverley Beekeepers’ Association has it’s own Apiary entirely dedicated to demonstrations, teaching & training of Beekeepers, new or experienced. If you sign up for a ‘Beginners’ Course’, ‘One Day Intensive Course’ or ‘Taster’ sessions it’s at this Apiary you will receive tutoring. If any surplus colonies are generated during the Summer season they are usually supplied to Novice Beekeepers or Association members.

Our Apiary is managed and run by a team of volunteers from within Beverley Beekeepers’ Association. At present there are approximately ten colonies on the site, which to look after is no mean feat when looking after your own Bees too.

The following photo sequence shows the typical sort of work undertaken by the Apiary volunteers. The pictures all represent some of the activities that students on a course will be involved in as they learn about colony management through observation and then undertaking hive manipulations.