Honey is truly part of nature’s bounty; a gift from plants brought to us by the honeybee with a little help from the beekeeper.

The first thing to know about honey is that it is pure; nothing has been added to it. There are two forms commonly on sale:

Clear honey, sometimes known as runny hone; this is ideal for use as a sweetener for fruit, baking, on cereals or yoghurt.

Set honey, where the beekeeper has allowed the honey to set to give a more suitable form for spreading on bread or toast. This is sometimes sold as soft set or creamed.

Common questions are:-

How long will it keep and do I need to keep it cool?

Although legislation demands we put a “best before date” on the label, honey will keep for years in the pantry as long as it has been resealed with its lid.

Has honey any medicinal benefits?

Honey has long been used to soothe sore throats. Some people say local honey can help hay fever although evidence is mainly anecdotal.

To learn more about honey read on.

What is Honey?

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